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  • President's Message

President's Message

If someone asked me what IPI is, I can quickly reply, it is the place where you can realize your dream.

For an engineer like me, I think you work so hard. If you are very busy every day, you sometimes wonder or dream who could help you or anyone to duplicate you? There is an answer; your dream could be realized in IPI.

What kind of works puzzle or trouble you?
“Is Rectification of P&ID does not meet required schedule?” “Please ask IPI.”
“Or Work volume of 3D modeling for PDMS is so heavy?” “Please ask IPI.”
“Maybe you want someone to make isometric drawings for piping?” “Please ask IPI.”
“You may want to provide BQ for cabling?” “Please ask IPI.”
“Do you want to provide fabrication drawing of steel structure by using TEKLA so easily?” “Please ask IPI.”
“Perhaps, it is so complicated to analyze LNG tank by using ABAQUS?” “Please ask IPI.”
“You need project support, control and progress report by IPMS!” “Please ask IPI.”
“I need some line checkers for piping.” “Please ask IPI.”
“I’m looking for Quality Control for Civil works.” “Please ask IPI.”

IHI Philippines, Inc. is equipped with technological and engineering capabilities in various specialization such as process, piping, electrical, civil, tankage and project support using variety of advanced software like PDMS, TEKLA, ABAQUS and IPMS.

I believe our business would be rapidly changing for the next twenty years due to the development of computer and “Artificial Intelligence” or AI.

We have accomplished greatly in the past, but, what matter most is what we do next. We enter the next stage with enthusiasm and we foresee the emergence of new works and new products. For this purpose, we continuously adopt to changes in order to fit in a new business environment.

We want IHI Philippines, Inc. to be close to your home, share common goals and strive continuously for better future and growth.

Remember, IPI is your reliable and best partner to provide solutions in all your engineering concerns and a place to realize your dreams.


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