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  • Corporate Philosophy

Who We Are

Corporate Philosophy

Our management principles are “Contributing to the development of society through technology” and “Human resources are our single most valuable asset”. Our corporate message of “Realize your dreams” epitomizes the mission we embarked on more than 160 years ago to leverage our technology and human resources to help humankind’s greatest dreams come true.

This corporate slogan expresses our commitment that is founded on three principles:
To bring dreams to reality – unlimited enthusiasm for making things of high quality.
To innovate in business and technology – insatiable curiosity and unconventional thinking.
To create new value – an exceptional ability to integrate expertise in various business to provide total solutions


Towards the realization of our dream, IPI aims to become globally competitive in the field of Design Engineering with our goal to provide the Best Quality, Best Cost and Best Delivery of our service, IPI shall always stand as your best partner


To offer the best QCD for Customer's maximum satisfaction
➥ Quality beyond par that conforms with the environment and society
➥ Cost - efficient that assures competent results without waste of money, time and effort
➥ Delivery of service that complies within the time schedule

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